Trio Arrested in "Vole Scam"

Consolidated News Network
Tusayan, AZ

After having collected nearly $4500 in cash by selling bogus rodent repellant, three California residents are now in police custody in Tusayan. Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park apprehended the trio after discovering an illegal concession stand near the El Tovar Hotel.

Phoney news articles describing organized attacks on hikers by "rampaging gangs" of Speckled Canyon Voles were found posted at scenic overlooks, campgrounds, lodges, and other areas popular with visitors. The suspets allegedly posted the articles to frighten visitors and create a demand for their product.

Park Service Spokesperson Melanie Gruenbaum stated "Speckled Canyon Voles are found in the park in great numbers, but they pose no hazard to visitors. Any accounts of agressive behavior towards humans are totally ficticious."

Rangers confiscated forty cases of bottles labelled "NoVole." The contents were described as "a sticky liquid with a foul odor."