The Traveler's Tale

Archaeologists digging in Mexico have uncovered fragments of a document that appear to indicate that Geoffrey Chaucer once travelled to Mexico. The document, which appears to document one of the tales of previously unknown Canterbury pilgrim, recounts a fate not unknown to travellers today.

Amalgamated Press

The Traveler's Tale

(reconstructed by Ross Nelson)

From sweete dreyms I quick awake
and leap to feete, tho legges shake
Inside me is there swich a quakyng
Y-thot might be somethyng a-braykyng

I fil nat sicke, nae up y-throwe
But quod me bowwelz, "Tha moost goe"
So to the toylette I ham y-ronnynge
And bak agayn, eer aftayr flusshynge

Agayn and agayn came swich miserie
That I sent away all companye
For fulle hours twenty in me roome
Trapt by the curse of Moctezume