Ross Nelson, Software Engineer

Work experience

11/06 - 06/12, Member Technical Staff  Google

Front- and back- end development on the Google Calendar project. Developed, tested, and monitored production of a large-scale application serving millions of users.

Front-end design and development for Google+. Primary responsibilities included components in the user stream, logging and analysis, and integration of local business +Pages.

11/01 - 11/06, Senior Software Engineer IBM

At Silicon Valley Lab, development lead for the OmniFind Enterprise Search quality tools. Developed tools to measure and enhance search quality by analyzing page content, query history, crawler records, and query scoring.  Helped develop API for integrating search into DB2.

At Almaden Research Center, designed and implemented a presentation application for analysis of data which integrated access to web-scale search and unstructured data-mining results from text analytics with structure database information.  Application was licensed to Factiva as the foundation for their reputation management offering.  A patent application on this technology is pending.

7/97 - 7/01, Software Architect Stagecast Software

Co-founed a software start-up, bringing a new visual programming system to market. Served on the Board of Directors, contributing to business planning discussions. Assisted in designing, scheduling, implementation, and performance analysis of many components, such as the simulation engine, variable database, persistent storage, and client/server communications.  Helped ensure than product worked on multiple Java platforms (Macintosh, Windows, Linux, Solaris). Led the design for the second release and the server-side implementation.  Applied for patents on innovative design aspects of the technology.  Authorized development spending, selected tools, and contributed to the hiring process.  Stagecast Creator is an award-winning simulation design tool for the education market and features programming by demonstration.

7/96 - 3/97, Manager of Internet Multimedia  Apple Computer

Managed  a twenty-person department of three separate teams with responsibility for Biscotti, a Java multimedia framework (now QuickTime for Java), all web content for Apple's Internet division, and the Cocoa (aka KidSim) children's educational software project. Performed budgeting, hiring, reviews, and similar administrative duties. Contributed to architectural design of both products. Built Biscotti team and led the project from initial concept to implementation and early seeding. Worked with marketing to identify features and design requirements. Worked with Sun Microsystems to get the Java platform extended with new features required for advanced multimedia capabilities.

7/93 - 7/96, Senior SW Engineer Kaleida Labs/Apple Computer

Assisted in transition of the ScriptX project from Kaleida Labs to Apple and shipping the final release. Solely responsible for design and implementation of the object browser, debugger, and bytecode profiler, including compiler modifications in support of these tools. Contributed to design of core class collection and searching components. Coordinated IBM's multimedia tool effort with Kaleida engineering. Created design examples to assist in user training. ScriptX is a dynamic, object-oriented, cross-platform multimedia development and playback system.

9/84 - 7/93, SW Manager/Engineer  Answer Software Corporation

Responsible for design, engineering, planning, and implementation  of a variety of projects while managing a small department. Oversaw development of HyBase, an object-oriented database server running on Macintosh, Windows, and Tandem minicomputers. Created software for a line of software and hardware-assisted debuggers supporting DOS, Windows, OS/2 and custom products for IBM and Novell (Excelan).

3/83 - 9/84, SW Engineer  Gavilan Computer

Project leader for MSDOS-based development environment supporting the Gavilan operating system. Responsible for package design, evaluation of vendor-supplied software, and development tools for IBM PCs and VAX/Unix. Assisted in development of the computer's BIOS. Gavilan was a start-up that created one of the first true laptop computers.

8/79 - 3/83, SW Engineer  Intel Corporation

Worked on earliest projects involving protected-mode software for the 80286 microprocessor, including the 80286 system builder and a multitasking debugger for the K286 OS kernel. Led project that ported Intel development tools to VAX/VMS. Involved in implementing software enhancements to ICE-86. Developed a number of in-house productivity-enhancing tools that were later packaged as a stand-alone product.



Running Visual Basic for Windows, Microsoft Press, 1992

Microsoft's 80386/486 Programming Guide, Microsoft Press, 1991 (The 80386 Book, 1988)


Microsoft Press Computer Dictionary, Microsoft Press, 1990, JoAnne Woodcock et al.

Extending DOS, Addison-Wesley, 1990, 1992, Ray Duncan, editor

Feature articles and book reviews for: Dr. Dobb's Journal, BYTE

Systems and Languages

  • Java, XML, Javascript, Python, JSP/Servlets, DB2/SQL, Perl, Python, C/C++, ScriptX, Assembler (80x86/68K), Smalltalk, LISP, Forth, Icon, Pascal, PL/M, SNOBOL, APL, FORTRAN, BASIC
  • MacOS, MacOS X, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP, Linux/Unix, DOS, OS/2, and VAX/VMS.


  • B.S. Computer Science (with honors), Montana State University, 1979
  • Independent study, Stanford University, 1981

Professional Societies and Honors

  • CPSR
  • ACM
  • Epsilon Delta Pi
  • National Honor Society