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Ross Peter Nelson holds an MFA in Playwriting from the Creative Writing Workshop of the University of New Orleans with Professor Justin Maxwell. Independently, he has studied with Amy Freed, Ben Yalom, Bill Cain, Anthony Clarvoe, and Lauren Gunderson. His work has been performed in San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, New Orleans, and elsewhere. For many years he was a company member and writer for Playground San Francisco, which honored him with their Emerging Playwright Award in 2006. The Pear Avenue Theatre in Mountain View has featured his plays in ten consecutive seasons. Southern Rep recently commissioned a one-act for their 3x3 series and he is a frequent contributor to their 6x6 ten-minute play competition.  Two of his pieces have been anthologized in collections by Playground and Three Wise Monkeys, and a third appears in the literary journal Ellipsis. He also writes short fiction, and his most recent story was published in Soundings Review.


Fringe selection, 2015 Mid-America Theatre Conference, Physics and Tea
Finalist, 2012 Heideman Award (Humana Festival), Shrink-in-the-Box
First place, Palo Alto Weekly Annual Short Story Contest 2010, The Harrow
Finalist (top 10), 2008 Sydney Short+Sweet, Call Me Comrade
, Mamet Write-Alike Contest, American Conservatory Theatre, The HAL Variations
2006 Emerging Playwright Award, Playground San Francisco, Sexual Perversity in Año Nuevo
Best actor (Norman Munoz), Best director (Peggy Powell), BOA 2006, In the End


Read the prize-winning short, Sexual Perversity In Año Nuevo.
Read the contest winner, The Harrow (short story version).

The Heretic's Mirror


Zoloft Tango, 3x3, Southern Rep (commissioned)
In the End, Real|Unreal, Playhouse NOLA 

The Third Horseman, Mankato, MN, Minnesota Shorts Play Festival 
Barbed Wire, 10 in 10 Perspective, Tabard Theatre

Club Gastro, Playfest, Sonoma Stage Works 
Discontinuum, Pear Slices 2013, Pear Avenue Theatre
Chris Carol: Private Eye, Naughty Christmas, Elm Theatre

Sexual Perversity in Año Nuevo, Gallimaufry, San Francisco SOTA
Mounting Olympus, Pear Slices 2012, Pear Avenue Theatre

Imperfect Union, Pear Slices 2011, Pear Avenue Theatre
The Harrow, Sparklight One-act Festival, Arclight Repertory Theatre
The Last Arawak, Pear Slices 2011, Pear Avenue Theatre

In the End, San Francisco Theatre Festival 2010, Yerba Buena Gardens
The Harrow, Short+Sweet Singapore 2010, The Arts House
Return of the Frogs, Pear Slices 2010, Pear Avenue Theatre (review)
In the End, Arclight One Act Festival, Arclight Repertory Theatre

The Harrow, Pear Slices 2009, Pear Avenue Theatre (review)
Shrink-in-the-Box, Pear Slices 2009,  Pear Avenue Theatre (review)

Call Me Comrade, Short and Sweet (Sydney), Newtown Theatre (review)
Allegorical Construction with Ectoplasm and Soft Cheese, Pear Slices 2008, Pear Avenue Theatre  (review)
Cheese, Cubed Pear Slices 2008, Pear Avenue Theatre (review)
Call Me Comrade, ACTOberfest, Secret Rose Theatre

Call Me Comrade, Eight Tens at Eight, Santa Cruz Actors' Theatre (review, review)
Animal Planet, Pear Slices 2007, Pear Avenue Theatre  (review, review)
Cobalt-60 Pear Slices 2007, Pear Avenue Theatre (review, review)

Sexual Perversity in Año Nuevo, San Francisco Theatre Festival / Yerba Buena Garden
Sexual Perversity in Año Nuevo, Best of Playground Festival 2006 / Zeum Theatre (review)
In The End, Bay One-Acts (BOA 2006), Three Wise Monkeys / Eureka Theatre
La Fortuna, Pear Slices 2006, Pear Avenue Theatre (review)

The Myth of FingerPrints, Pear Slices 2005, Pear Avenue Theatre  (review)
Chekhov's Law, Eight Tens at Eight, Santa Cruz Actors' Theater (review)

The Dawn of the Unelected, Pear Slices, Pear Avenue Theatre


 Ellipsis 2013Return of the Frogs


Best of Playground 2006, Sexual Perversity in Año Nuevo


BOA 2006 Anthology, In The End

Staged Readings

Camp MFA, 6x6,  Southern Repertory Theatre
Granny's Shack, 6x6,  Southern Repertory Theatre
Deserter, 6x6,  Southern Repertory Theatre

Becoming Number Six, Shadowbox Theatre
Waiting for JazzFest, 6x6, Southern Repertory Theatre
Brain in a Vat, 6x6, Southern Repertory Theatre
Becoming Number Six, University of New Orleans
Timequake, 6x6,  Southern Repertory Theatre
Tycho's Fool, City Lights Theatre
Under the Sea, 6x6,  Southern Repertory Theatre

Cobalt-60, Art Klub / Cafe Istanbul
Club Gastro, Readers' Theatre "Playfest"
The Third Horseman, 6x6, Southern Repertory Theatre
GMO, University of New Orleans

Club GastroCity Lights Theatre
Shrink-in-the-Box, Camino Real Playhouse
City Lights Theatre

Mounting OlympusCity Lights Theatre

Ezekiel's WheelCity Lights Theatre

Shrink-in-the-Box, City Lights Theatre
Return of the Frogs
, Playground San Francisco
The HAL Variations, American Conservatory Theater
Call Me Comrade, Camino Real Playhouse

Imperfect Union, Playground San Francisco
Bones, Dragon Theatre
The Harrow, Playground San Francisco

Sexual Perversity in Año Nuevo, Playground San Francisco
Allegorical Construction with Ectoplasm and Soft Cheese, Playground San Francisco

Chekhov's Law, Playground San Francisco

Victoria's Secret, Playground San Francisco


St. Caedwalla's Day, 48HRFP, San Jose, 2009 (Writer)

Judges Gone Wild, 48HRFP, San Jose, 2010 (Writer)

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